14 Sep


The Goddess Kamala. She is considered the most supreme form of the goddess who is in the fullness of Her graceful aspect, she is also considered to be Goddess Lakshmi. The goddess in the form of Kamala bestows prosperity and wealth, fertility and crops, and good luck. She is called Kamala because she is sitting […]


19 Ago

Estudio Iris

Enjoy the best holidays in Ponte Caldelas We have four temples waiting for you. Kamala Studio, Iris Studio, Dea Dana Studio and Amaterasu Appartment for young families. Iris studio Iris studio is your way to be in a safe and comfortable space where you can feel at home. The room has a very high ceiling […]


1 Ago

Dea Dana

Dea Dana is a modern studio located on the first floor of a renovated old building right in the center of Ponte Caldelas. It is on a quiet street next to the river and is perfect for exploring the area, its many restaurants and delicious natural surroundings.   Who is Dea Dana? The study is […]


19 Jul


Rent your home away in rural Ponte Caldelas Amaterasu is a home where history meets technology, and the digital entrance and domotics fusions with the natural stone walls as the new wood does, inserted in the old ceramics.   Young families   Introducing Amaterasu, with its separate kitchen and private access to the back garden […]